Awakening to Injustice; Anna

Social injustice is one of those things that we’re all aware of but that very few of us actually pay attention to. We see injustice every time we walk down the street or turn on the TV, yet so often we merely cast what we’ve seen or heard from our minds and move on to something else without giving it a second thought.

As Christians we are called to fight injustice, to give a voice to the voiceless, to provide for those who cannot provide for themselves and to fight for the rights of everyone. God does not give us a choice. He doesn’t give us the option of turning a blind eye or of hoping that if we leave it alone someone else will do it instead.

Until fairly recently I was one of those people who turned a blind eye. I would see people suffering on the news, I would watch the charity adverts and walk past the homeless people on the street and make up excuses to do absolutely nothing. I would convince myself that I was too young to help, that I didn’t have enough money to help or that there were better ways to help than the one in front of me at the time. Most frequently I convinced myself that the problem was simply too big, that I was only one person and so nothing I was capable of doing would ever be enough to make any kind of difference.

However, God has made it clear that there is no excuse. Throughout the Bible God used people younger than me to achieve extraordinary change, so age is clearly no excuse. Neither is money a valid excuse – as a student living in a western country, with a house and a bed to sleep in, I am among the world’s richest. As I’ve recently realised, whether you think it’s the best way to help or not, it’s always worth a try.

It’s true that often the problems we see and hear about seem totally beyond our capabilities to alter. But we have the God who created the earth on our side, and through him anything is possible! Aside from that obvious advantage, there are over 33 million Christians in the UK, many of whom are students – and I don’t know about you, but I feel like that many people all fighting for the same things could definitely change the world.

I’m going to finish with a quote from the Dr Suess book The Lorax; ‘Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not!’ And you know what? It’s not! Unless we care, really care about ending injustice and are prepared to actively work against it, nothing is going to change. To me, that is what Just Love is all about. Just Love is a collection of people who care enough to try.


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