Answer the Call: Mollie

I’m Mollie, a first year English Literature student at the University of Glasgow, originally from Newcastle. Glasgow was definitely a city that I felt that God was calling me to and I was so excited at the prospect of moving away, uncovering why God was calling me here in particular and ultimately growing in my faith and understanding.

Once I wholeheartedly put my trust in God and His plan for me after secondary school, it became apparent that Glasgow was the city that God had put on my heart. I could see God’s power and influence working within my life and felt that He made everything fall into place for my arrival here. He put me into a flat with a girl who shared my love of Jesus and together we were able to find a great church and student community together. For His blessings to me I am totally grateful and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

The idea of being called to follow God’s will for my new life in Glasgow was something I was very eager about by the end of the summer just passed. I am a big fan of Hillsong United’s music, and the lyrics, “Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders/ let me walk upon the waters/ wherever You would call me. Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander/ and my faith will be made stronger/ in the presence of my Savior” in their song Oceans really resonated with me in the run up to me leaving home. They perfectly expressed my want and anticipation for God to call me wherever He chose, and me wholeheartedly accepting to follow Him wherever this would be.

Before coming to university, I’ll admit I knew very little about social injustice and absolutely nothing about how I could become actively involved in making a difference. Through Just Love’s events and occasions, I am able to really see that God has called upon me (and all of us) to care about injustice the way He does, and come together as a community to support one another in taking action against these inequalities and injustices, not only here in Glasgow but all over the world!

Although I am really enjoying the academic side to university, getting involved with groups such as Just Love is the most rewarding thing for me. I am so pleased that I am no longer in the bubble of ignorance that surrounded me before coming to university and I really want to help more people burst their personal bubbles, and join us in abstaining from ignoring these issues anymore. Now, instead of being bewildered about how someone as small and as young as me can make any sort of contribution towards equality and justice, I look forward to taking those steps, spreading the word, educating others and getting stuck in!

Because I came into Just Love with no any particular aspect of injustice on my heart, I am getting the chance to learn and explore lots of different types of inequality. I believe that with gaining a better general understanding, it will become apparent to me which type God is calling me to invest my time and energy into. This is a terribly exciting prospect for me! It shows me that ‘calling’ isn’t one big dramatic moment but a series of mini moments that have the potential to make great change. Part of my calling is complete, I made it here, but I still have a lot more answering to do! As I come to then end of my first semester I still have three and a half more years of answering God’s call here in Glasgow and honestly I am so excited to see where and who I will be at the end of that!

Words by Mollie Pugmire


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