Can A Dress Change The World?

Since moving to Glasgow last year, my heart has been challenged daily in so many different ways. Whether that is from walking past the homeless on Byers Road, to finding out about charities I never knew existed and for causes I never knew needed fought for – my eyes have been opened. I know there is so much more I can’t even begin to wrap my head around, but I understand better the great need for us to unite and stand against the injustices in our world. In all that we do, we face choices; from the food we buy to the people we meet. Will we choose to ignore the consequences of our actions or will we allow ourselves to stop amidst the rush of life and consider how our actions can have global impacts. If we seek Shalom, we must first let this thirst for peace influence our daily decisions and actions.

Slavery is not a thing of the past, it is not limited to what you learn in history nor is it a distant problem that we have no influence over. I thought I knew this – but unaware of the shocking truth that 45 million people are currently living enslaved – you could say it hadn’t hit home with me. This shocking realisation that I could go through my life so blissfully unaware of this stirred me to take action.

Earlier on this year, on the 23rd of March, some of us at Just Love took part in the worldwide stand against slavery, ‘Stand For Freedom’. We joined with International Justice Mission and we stood for 24 hours at the university library in solidarity with our brothers and sisters across the world who live enslaved. Cold and tired, we were determined to play a part in proving that justice for the poor is possible. Since then, I have felt the weight of the calling that we, as Christians, are called to; seek justice, love mercy and act humbly. So, when I found out from friends within Just Love about the movement Dressember – I was instantly interested and keen to know more.

Dressember is a movement that started in 2013 by women who would not remain quiet over the issue of human trafficking, women who saw the need to put an end to children and women being exploited for sex. So, they gathered together to raise awareness for those whose rights had been grossly neglected. As this movement has gathered momentum, it has joined together with International Justice Mission and A21 – organisations that work to free those in slavery.

So why a dress? Well, Dressember believes in the re-appropriation of the dress as a symbol of freedom and power, the flag for the cause. What was once seen as a weak and ‘feminine’ taken back as a symbol of strength. I am so excited to be joining in with this cause and raising money for their companion charities to actively work to free those living in oppression. If you want to join in we would love for you to do that, help us unite for social justice!

My view of the world has been shaped and moulded into a more realistic sculpture, but my optimistic view of the world not demolished. We have a hope – Jesus the hope for the nations, if our heart hurts for our world, then this is but a fraction of what His heart feels. As I’m writing this blog, the band on my wrist caught my attention, you may know the one, WWJD is written on it.

‘What Would Jesus Do?’

We follow a God who gets His hands dirty – not a removed and uninterested, but one who walked among us, healing and loving those who society had rejected and those who’s rights were neglected. If Jesus would do that – should we not follow Him?

We know that while we are on Earth we live in a period of the already and not yet, so I suppose I’d love to encourage you to ask God to break your heart for something that breaks His, because He will do it. See where He leads you and listen to His heartbeat for us, His children.

Words by Rachael Cameron


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