Get Talking: Social Justice and Evangelism

Think ‘social justice advocate’, and perhaps the first thing that will come to mind is a Fairtrade-coffee-drinking protester. If someone tells you they’re an ‘evangelist’, perhaps you picture them on a stage, or on the streets, telling the masses about Jesus. It is deeply disheartening to know that the two are rarely seen as partner… Continue reading Get Talking: Social Justice and Evangelism

Get Talking: Fear of the Homeless

Walking through the streets of towns and cities in Scotland, it’s rare to not see people begging or sleeping rough. To be clear, the definition of homelessness is much broader than this. According to the Scottish government, we can qualify as homeless while still having a home, if that accommodation is unsuitable or impermanent. Clearly,… Continue reading Get Talking: Fear of the Homeless

Get Talking: Living Like Jesus

Have you ever had one of those moments where you’ve been blown away by someone’s relationship with God? They’re oozing the love of God, and the room just seems to settle with this tangible joy and peace which are totally unexplainable by the world’s standards?I’ve met a few such people and the Bible is full of them too:… Continue reading Get Talking: Living Like Jesus

Get Talking: Justice and The EU

Europe. The referendum. Brexit. #VoteLeave. Remain. It’s all we’ve heard about for the last few months, one of the most important decisions our generation will face. But instead of inspiring and moving people into action one way or the other,many people have become frustrated and disillusioned at the lack of truth and clarity in the… Continue reading Get Talking: Justice and The EU