Answer the Call: Mollie

I’m Mollie, a first year English Literature student at the University of Glasgow, originally from Newcastle. Glasgow was definitely a city that I felt that God was calling me to and I was so excited at the prospect of moving away, uncovering why God was calling me here in particular and ultimately growing in my… Continue reading Answer the Call: Mollie

Answer the Call: Ellen

Before Jesus ascended up into the Heavens, his last words of advice to his disciples were ‘you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.’ [Acts 1:8] For the past two months, Just Love has been focusing on the topic of ‘Calling’, looking into what is… Continue reading Answer the Call: Ellen

Get Talking: Social Justice and Evangelism

Think ‘social justice advocate’, and perhaps the first thing that will come to mind is a Fairtrade-coffee-drinking protester. If someone tells you they’re an ‘evangelist’, perhaps you picture them on a stage, or on the streets, telling the masses about Jesus. It is deeply disheartening to know that the two are rarely seen as partner… Continue reading Get Talking: Social Justice and Evangelism

Get Talking: Fear of the Homeless

Walking through the streets of towns and cities in Scotland, it’s rare to not see people begging or sleeping rough. To be clear, the definition of homelessness is much broader than this. According to the Scottish government, we can qualify as homeless while still having a home, if that accommodation is unsuitable or impermanent. Clearly,… Continue reading Get Talking: Fear of the Homeless